Canción 'Dominus Infernus Vobiscum' interpretada por Yattering

Dominus Infernus Vobiscum Letra y canción


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DOMINUS INFERNUS VOBISCUM es una canción de Yattering.


'Dominus Infernus Vobiscum'

They are the beings from the skies
Masters of demise
Learned by the Ancient prophecies

Bannished from this plane
Their voices call to pain
Holders of the key to existence
I am the ONE!!!!!!!!!

They speak... through me
I call... through me
Forgotten voices... From the past
Elder gods... I beckon into me!
With all your Strength
Surround me... Ancient ones!
I hear your power
As i have said!

Demon in me...
Redeem your past upon Reflection!
Come through me...
Manifest your dreams of chaos!
I beg of you!
Grasp my creation...
Overtake my body, command my soul!

These rays of light have blinded my soul!
Abridge the gate between our realms!
I feel your outworld vibrations in me!
Praise thy strength my eternal daemons!
I surrender myself to you my elder fathers!
We shall raise the everlasting underword!
Raise the black seas to overwhelm force!
Conquer this land and claim the throne!

The infernal power flows within my blood
Magnifigence... i grip the eternal strength
Underworld demons have captured my soul
They speak to me... i hear their commands!

My hands spout infernal fire!
I spout tongues of unknown dialect?
I levitate above the ground.
My eyes glow with the power of infernal fire!

Grasp the unknown force in flame
of the power of Magnificence
Realms of truth found within the unholy power
Lifting through the ages an
immortal sumerian deamon untold
Defied by its life and held by the sacred oath

Fire in my soul! The flame of life..
The daemon takes hold!
Malificent daemon in me
i command you! Surrender to me...

Infernal fire the deamon takes
hold and breaks through control
I command thy daemon speak
tell me thy name infernal majesty

I am the one who you called..
beckoned forth in to you...
Know me by this..
I am all your fears unleashed.

Infernal fire the deamon takes
hold and breaks through control
I command thy daemon speak
tell me thy name infernal majesty

Insence of the power the destruction of our..
Desent through the land in praises of man..
Tell me thy name daemon of all i have slain..
Ethereal journey to a plane i wish not to see..

What unholy place is this?!?!

The fires of Hell!!!

I succumb to your power daemon..
Tell me thy name and i will
sustain my will to defeat you
Will you hearken forth your powers..
Destroy all i see on the godless
earthly realm and claim It as your
own and claim it as your throne..
Speak to my thy name of thee who would conquer..
And Destroy my home on this realm

The name you seek..
Is that you cannot speak...

On this plane you called my
name and call me too you broken through you
This is the choice you have made
you have called my name for pain and pain
I shalt bring you and this plane
you call home i will destroy!!!

Vermis Mysteriis is thy name..
The daemon spoke and called
infernal torches of malificent flame,
burning all in the fires of hell..
In the hell i called into then flames of all!!

I have forsaken you
Death has overtaken you
Burning internal pain
Once more the earthen realm
i have overtaken and claimed for Hell

Fall from the Light.....