Tift Merritt

Letra de la canción

My body was sleeping.
Sleep was a lie,
Grab hold of my body
I will rise, rise, rise.

My heart was heavy,
Hungry and tired.
Oh, but you're touch has made it
Fly, fly fly.

I am your tambourine.
I am your tambourine.
Shake me with your love,
Shake me with your love,
Shake me with your love song.

Rattle me, darling.
Way down inside.
Fill me with rhythm
So fine, fine, fine.

I am your tambourine.

I can't keep quiet.
Oh, I can't hid.
I want to should and sing
And shine, shine, shine.

I am your tambourine
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Hector(Hip Hop) (#305)

Tift Merritt
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