Bow Wow

First of all i wanna have phone sex, (woahhh),
talk to me dirty shawty.
you know me and bow wow a couple a flirty shawties,
imma say a couple things u proly neva hearda shawty, (OOO).
dont be scared gimme ya hand (HAND!)
u gotta come ova,
baby girl i wanna show u my rover,
i wanna show u my impala, show u my escalade,
show u how bow wow taught a nigga how to get paid.
on a scale from 1-10 u a god damn 12, (12!)
freaky nigga, prolly break the god dam scale (SCALE)
you doin it and doin it and doin it well,
immma lick u everywhere and i bet u wont tell cuzz u a dirty girl,
FREAKY, NASTY, teddy pain 850 tallahassee,
bow wow 614, low high!
now everybody in the world now that i wanna dirty girl


girl im nasty, imma D-O-G!
and i stay with the trojans like USC.
imma tryina get chu from the club baby back to my condo
long stroke bow break that ass up pronto
ride for me shawty you can keep my guessing
and her head game straight like Curry Stephens
just like a fan imma make you shout
gonna need a hair pin imma make u sweat that out,
all that booty gotta nigga like DAMN!
how you put that in them jeans, and i aint playinn, girl im sayin,
got my orange lamborghini now i know a niggs slayin,
a gotta couple dirty girls and they keepers.
and plus i make the girls get wet like aquafina,
its goin down tonight, its goin down tonight.
all i need is an hour, imma beat it like mike i needa DIRTY GIRL

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Bow Wow

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Letra añadida por:
G OwArRr K

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