I Ain't Losing The Fight del álbum '11'

I Ain't Losing The Fight

Bryan Adams

La canción 'I Ain't Losing The Fight' se estrenó en 2008. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco 11


How come the best ones are always taken
what i see when i see ya - is love in the makin'
something about timin', something about fate
gotta go with the feeling - not a moment too waste

bring it on bring it on -ya - i was born ready
i'm a son of a strong man - i'm rock steady
everything you throw - i can see it coming
ain't gonna be no TKO just a lot of lovin'

cuz opposites attract this way
if day is night and night is day
if loving you is wrong then babe - wrong is right
and i ain't losin' the fight

take it on, take it on, take it on - no second guessing
dressin' up a situation - we should be undressing
hear the bell ringing - seconds out round two
i got my eyes on the prize, and the prize is you

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