Molinos del viento english lyrics

Mago De Oz

Letra de la canción

If you do not see anything
Beyond Your Nose
And you do not hear a laugh flower

If you can not talk
Without having to hear your voice
Using the heart

Listen friend Sancho,
Not everything here has a reason
One way they do their feet

There is a world to discover
And a life to boot to boot
Arm end of the script

Sometimes I feel upon awakening
That the dream is reality

Drink, dance, dream
Feel the wind
Echo has been for you
Lives, listening and speaking
Using this
the heart

Feel the rain
Kiss your face
When you love
Screams with the soul
Scream so high
What about your life, you are
The only friend

If anything you think
It is a yes or no
And do not know correct

If you define
hate or love
Disillusionment friend

Not everything is white,
Or black is gray
Everything depends on the hue,
Find and learn to distinguish

The moon can heat
And the sun your nights mint
Trees die standing.

I've seen a spring mourn
Andalusia see the water going to sea

Letra añadida por: silverwolf_0

Mago De Oz

Mago De Oz

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