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The magic of love

La Princesa Encantada

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The magic of love

It's the wrong kind of magic
Now you see him now you don't
Used to be he'd drop anything for me
But not lately, he won't

He used to slay dragons
To keep me from harm
And come running
To my open arms

I want the magic of love again
The look of longing in his eyes
All the wonder and surprise
Of knowing that the best is yet to come

I need the magic of love again
Give me a magic wand to wave
Tell me the magic words to say
To bring back the magic of love

No illusions
He's a man who has many dreams
But it's so confusing
To be always in between

I want the magic of love again
That subtle sourcery of the heart
The fire his smile used to start
That makes me feel I'll never get enough
Give me a magic wand to wave
Repeat the miracle that gave us
The wonderful magic of love

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