A.R. Kane

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Yes i want you
And i need you
The angel just passed me by, oh!
I feel like i could change inside
I feel like i can change inside
Breeze flicker through my mind
Feel your body close on mine
Inside you:
Looking down below
See the love flow
Then the love go
What is love's time
Can we ever know?

Electricity blossoms
Sparks in my mind
Then i glow for a while
And i'm gone!
I feel like i could love tonite
I feel like i can love tonite
Wings flutter moon bright
Close my eyes real tight
And find you:

Looking down below
See the life grow
Then the life blow
In a lifetime
Can we really know?

My head in the clouds an my
Feet on the ground
Spinning out of the dream
And i'm gone!

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A.R. Kane
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