Canción 'If I gotta Go' del disco 'Padded Room' interpretada por Joe Budden

If I gotta Go Letra y Canción

Joe Budden

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IF I GOTTA GO es una canción de Joe Budden que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Padded Room.


'If I gotta Go'

If i gotta go
can anybody tell me where
and if i gotta go
does anybody even care

lo look look
we gon party like its one nine nine nine
somethin triggers makin my mind design crime
when at times my minds fine inclinded to find dimes
resigned from primetime
i need my stars to align when signs say they benigne
tell whoever cares if a stray happens to hit me
i need to take all the money i made with me
if im heaven bound i'll put a hole in every turncoat
if hell bound im poppin shit thru the inferno
my jargon is im an arsonist
since 11 when i found out what arson is
look at me fully styled in that foreign whip
i get a high from it love that johnny carson shit
i got facsination for the aggrvation
shoot em or ????? I love the fabrication
waitin on a antedote but i lack the patience
on the second thought got my own vaccination

if i gotta go
can anybody tell me where
and if i gotta go
does anybody even care

problem is im smarter than everybody
but too numb to show it they too dumb to know it
eventually my a's turned into d's
eventually my o's made it's way to e
im tense im not at ease
theres niggaz with degrees
that aint never made it hot nor turned up the degrees
theres niggaz with credentials accolates paperwork
but couldnt figure out how to make they paper work
me i fight to stay alive everyday is work
especially when they say theres six million ways to murk
i wish the world was more like me
more likely to see thru the eyes that i see
or be tired like i be
lets hide our id's
theres holes in my arms
untied this iv
at times wish the world would comprehend like i do
know it sound like i dont wanna mend but i'd like to

if i gotta go
can anybody tell me where
and if i gotta go
does anybody even care

i wonder whats behind the clouds
flew all over the world still i couldnt find out
maybe im normal and everybody else isnt
apron on over the stove in hells kitchen
nails bitten failed livin
another derailed mission for a ni*** jail smitten
enough to get the pound
if i dont like the shit around me
maybe i should change the shit that im around
how that sound