Canción 'I Couldn't Help It' del disco 'Padded Room' interpretada por Joe Budden

I Couldn't Help It Letra y Canción

Joe Budden

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I COULDN'T HELP IT es una canción de Joe Budden que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Padded Room.


'I Couldn't Help It'

(Verse 1)
We had a beautiful relationship at one point
But then, that shit changed with the quickness
Maybe cause I was fuckin' other bitches
Or maybe we had no busniess havin' busniess
Not the girl that I would want to raise kids with
But still that shit happened regardless
I was so young, back then so heartless
And the shit I was thinkin' could of caught me some charges
Listen, I tried to talk to her normally
That shit didn't work for one second, she was on to me
I tried to explain, how I ain't have a dollar to my name
Pursuin' this rap shit, chasin' fame
Young dude stressed in the hood like Je-sus
I ain't ready for no child but she was
When you, piss poor get to havin' sick thoughts
While the chick probably sittin' there thinkin' bout marriage
I'm thinkin' abortion like a savage
On purpose accident to have a miscarriage
Her a mother of mine I couldn't end up seein'
Plus what type of mother would you end up bein'
You already a physco, I wouldn't let that pass
I ain't think lifetime bond, I thought fat ass
All them times you were pregnant and miserable
All them fights we had that got physical
Everytime I sent you packin', pissed at you
Like I ain't want to live wit you, yeah I kind of planned that
Ain't considerate, sounds just like me
Then you put someone out that looks just like me
I grabbed my little dude up, looked 'em in his eyes
And you can't understand right now I apologize
How could I not want you here, be that selfish
F*** was on my mind at the time, my bad I Couldn't Help It


[Verse 2]
Now this is how you know we go through phases
Cause he done sold millions of records
Plus they done been together for ages
I don't really know how to say this
Me and old boy done shared a couple of stages
But he wasn't around when I saw her in Vegas
She said 'remember me?', I thought I should lie
I looked baby up and down and said 'should I?'
Maybe she my old broad, maybe she a singer
I looked down seen a chunky rock on her finger
She said I'm 'blanks' wife, how you been and what you doin' here?
I should of asked her that same shit
Snoop had already told me that bitches ain't shit
And the industries so small, that's how the game is
When you famous, everybodys a bilingual plaintiff
And the defendant speaks one language
But we exchanged numbers like f*** it
All we gon talk about is music
Neither one of us will ever use it
But shorty she ain't hesitate to use it
Four A.M., where do I begin?
She's leavin' the club, I'm about to win
She's so aggressive like 'what room are you in?'
I ain't answer, she said meet her downstairs in ten
Now we totally disrespectin' his star
I'm with his bitch, and she in his car
She said hop in let's head to the strip bar
Bad ass friend with her, and then she kissed ma
And now I'm so confused
She starts tellin' me about how she's so abused
How he beats her ass, how he takes that figure
And I'm in my head thinkin' 'I don't blame that nigga'
We hit the club like everythin's wonderful
She touchin' me, I'm feelin uncomfortable
And then the DJ threw on somethin' slow
I'm grindin' on her friend, now she wantin' to go
Dude's wife started whisperin' in my ear
I'm startin' to see it clear, she don't care shorty's down with whatever
She said let's go to your room all together
I'm sure the two of us'll make it worth your wild
Now your friend looks great and I really want to f*** her
But I can't be your side dude, can't be your lover
Caught on my old school shit just to thug her
We got to the room, told her I ain't have a rubber
I thought it worked at first
One looked disappointed and one looked hurt
But her trifelin' ass went and made shit worse
She reached down pulled a few of those out her purse
Got on her knees started playin' with the head
All her dudes lyrics started playin' in my head
Her friend I'm sayin', probably feelin' left out
I'm filled with guilt because all I can think bout was
He have her on TV with your kids
I got her on the TV in her ribs
Please God forgive, regret what I did
That ain't the lifestyle I want to live, just then I Couldn't Help It