Alex Sintek

A veces fui
en inglés

Alex Sintek


A veces fui Letra

Sometimes I was
The unconscious one, a fierce fool Who was not listening on having
Sigh so many things that you did not like
And sometimes also I was lucky to be mas prudent And to attract
your attention
But I realize.

I That if today I must change For love
I must begin For accepting myself Since(As,Like) I am
And it(he,she) is for me That I want to be better For you
If I am bad I Am I who was not stopping suffering
And it(he,she) is so though it(he,she) returns to fall down In the
same place I might get up

Datos de esta canción

A VECES FUI es una canción de Alex Sintek del año 2003. Agradecemos a polleli por haber sudido la letra de A veces fui (en inglés).