Letra de la canción

Look out that window, the intensity of live in this filth we call humanity
Religion, belief, war, blindness
The impulse for the delusion?
The fanatics are feeding your anger, your gift
Surrounded by walls of wasted lives
Their retaliation falls into oblivion, and yours?
Defending the convictions that died away
It's your turn to move
It's so natural, so human, praise our species
The scab and the dirt
On the only path I take the wrong direction
The way of us all and of the past
Once involved in the circulation, no decision to make
Unision is the end of all, of individuality
Being a whore for yourself you are misleading
Every chapter I read ends the same
There is nothing open, nothing new
The truth they tell loses worth, but I get used to it
...By time, I leave
The door I see is the exit, don't even there they lead me
Not learning but knowing, open mouth, I hear no words
My tongue is wield by their shit
Feeding with salt, no birth from this ground
The last glowing is punished with indifference
Closed the book already, what is the last page?
The blinded masses behind them
Give me my eyesight that was promised
What was first, act or word?
Doesn't matter much to me, I consume
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Hector(Hip Hop) (#460)

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