Blac Haze

Letra de la canción

I reminesce on my mom
bout the good times we had and the bad times

Verse 1

I remember mom she used to hold me in her arms
The feeling was a charm
Ain't no need to be alarmed
Hitting me up with the love we was poor
I can recall living on the run I can't imagine all the pain that
my mom felt
Trying to raise 3 kids on a small wealth
Hard times wasn't nothing but a way of life
My mom never knew she would have to sacrifice
My old man hit the road neglected his spouse
I had no choice now I'm the man of the house
The possibilities grew at a fast rate
Now I'm on the street trying to get that cash straight
Trying to stay up out of jail at the same time
A young G claiming fame the game is mine
My old girl had my back through all
The stress and drama took a test of time
In my mind I remember mama


Ooh mama mama mama ooh mama mama mama
I remember mama

Verse 2

I told my mama that forever my fools fake
I can't recall my actions at school straight
I'm skipping class thinking it's the thing to do
No education watch what that brings to you
My old man was a crack fiend wont lie
Need to change his ways I know he wont try
Every time he came around it was mad drama
I couldn't take it always hitting on my mama
He had no idea he was breaking me down
I was screaming out loud without making a sound
One day I just snapped to my surprise stood up to my dad looked
him dead in his eye
I guess God gave me strength to deal with that
Told my old man he gotta chill with that
No more beating on my mom better watch that
I'm a man so you better squash that


Ooh mama mama mama ooh mama mama mama
I remember mama

Verse 3

Mom I remember mom all the love I remember
You have a place in my heart forever
She was down for me every time I fell
Mama had to come get me at the county jail
Look at me in the courtroom facing time
Hoping the judge reduce my crime
Mama never used to fuss but I knew she was hurt
Look at me on the street corner putting in work
I tried hide to hide the fact that I was slinging rocks
Mama used to find crack bags in my socks
I would lie until the day they wasn't mine
But you can rest assure and do time
It all came to the light she knew the scoops
I was out running with the wrong groups
Mama needed me so I had to change my style
And on top of that I'm looking at a brand new child
I ain't no time for having cops chasing me
Realizing jail ain't the place to be
I remember


This song is for anybody who's lost somebody
Ya know what I'm saying
I lost my mom
But she still lives with me in my heart
To the day I leave to the day I die
I will forever keep u in my mind and my heart
B'coz I remember
I remember
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