Jus For One Day del álbum 'Snowin' Under My Skin'

Jus For One Day

Andru Donalds

La canción 'Jus For One Day' se estrenó en 1999. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Snowin' Under My Skin


It`s time to make my silence now be heard
I`ve been hurting for so long inside it burns
As I get older I bleed a little deeper
For if no one knows who`ll care just for one day

When I remember all the tortures to my skin
Teacher teacher you must think my flesh is thin
Snap your fingers and I run just like a baby
If you`re the queen of all
Could you think just for one day

You never learned to love me just the way I am
In your heart I thought you`d maybe give a damn
Tell the world I am the best and then you hate me
How`d you think I would turn out
Could you feel just for one day

If time stood still
I`d be the wind
Free as a star
Just for one day

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