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I put my ears to the streets, and got hostile
A-F-U, I'ma show you my style
All the ladies get buck, and show me your style
You wanna ride with king of the rodeo
My style will play your globe, it's like audio
Before I step in the club, I drink a forty, yo
I be the type of cat, with a flow that can gat
Bust a shot for my niggaz, holla, where ya at
East coast, that's right, get it crunk
Get drunk, that's right world, don't get it fuc*** up
I'm on the course, I will change the game
I'm dropping into the main frame, to be a stain and remain
And I'm bound to be a link in the chain
I'm hotter than a smoking barrel, yo
Or dress like little shorty, when she got her period
Yea, don, word is bond, I gotta flow

The rawest ni***, to ever spit it
(Brooklyn, represent, yeah my people gonna feel this)
The rawest ni***, that ever spit it
(Yeah, holla at them tints, right there, he on the guestlist)
The rawest ni***, to ever spit it
(BK, stand up, yeah, my niggaz gonna feel this)
The realest ni***, that ever spit it
(And now I'm all around the world, you just don't wanna hear it)

I ain't no rap sinner, I'm a ni*** spittin' toxic
Shake ya bon bon, yo, and let me rock this
To everybody, take a chill, you can't stop this
Pardon me Flex, brace ya self let me drop this
Scorch like the sun burning in the tropics
Sperm rap acts up, yup, in every topic
I be the freshest artist to hit the market
Everybody get ya body rocked by this
Whether outside or inside, nothing can stop my ride
I hit the charts up, like I hit a drive by
When my voice and the track collide
Yo, I take ya legs out like ya stepped on a land mine
Nine times nine, that's how many styles I got for this rhyme
And I'ma hit ya with a punch line
Clap back, it go clap back
And If I got to, yo, I'm ready for war, ready to bust back

I'm fresh hell walls, like a schizephrenic rapist
Every album banks in a box, like it's Christmas
What clinch this, I'm ready to dismiss
The mix of this odyssey shit, and plenty presidents
You represent, I represent, yo dog
I'm all about the beats, and the rhyming and shit
I can flow all day or flow all night
And each one of my verses, could be used as a night light
I let the vibrations, venacular
Scoop up a chase for cakes, like a spatula
Now that I captured that, I got ya gasping for
More the same thing, that's what you ask me for
Verbal debris, wash the shorelines
Globally, I'm respected worldwide lyrically
I got more bounce than bounce
And I ain't trynna make ya bounce
I'm just trynna show you what I'm about

Yup, spread out, but wait
I'm on your body, yeah, yeah
We came to mash up the whole party

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