Blood Money Pt.3 de Noreaga

Blood Money Pt.3 Letra



'Blood Money Pt.3'

[chorus] [repeat 2x]
Yo new york get the blood money
Drty cash smoke hydro green
Sill mix it wit hash
To all the weed spots
Niggaz know i'm known to cop
All the good shit smell me nigga
I'm on some hood shit

Back to the essence when i first rhymed
L.a. l.a.
When yall niggaz first heard me
I was starvin on the train just sellin my caine
Fast world in ninety nine its still the same
But now i gotta car, my rims
Off the bar, only stay in hotels
That be five-star
Akineyle, mobb deep, and esobar
Lost boyz, run-dmc, pun and me
No disrespect but
Queens got this shit locked d
Yo new york get the bloody money
Can't watch me
You know my tempo
I can do it fast or slow
Eat some bubble-gum weed
And yell, geronimo
All my analog thugs and my digital thugs
All my people that be rowdy
Wit weed in tha clubs
For my knives and four fifths
Bloods and crips
For my people who smoke phillies
And knows it splits
And to the niggaz on the block that
Rock my shit
To the crackhead
Waking up tha cops and shit
For all the liquor stores
That ain't no good
To all the stocked ones
Everywhere that be in tha hood
For all my people on welfare
Don't even care
For all them people gettin money
Livin in bel-air

[chorus] [repeat 2x]

Time zone, got blown monegon
My niggaz get high
And still fall in tha zone
Bitches, callin me up and hanging up
I ain't a playa
So why yall hoes playin games?
I'm a hustla
And i even hustle the same
I got hoes who
Thinkin i love 'em
I don't love 'em
And once i get the ass yo you know umma thug 'em
Tell 'em lies, hit 'em in they head
Hit 'em wit bread
I'm a millionaire bitch
I could trick a ???????
Of you lookin foul and you
Fuckin wit me, n.o.r.e.
Thuggish nigga out here b
Bloody money once again
Yo this one part three
Classical song
Certified, desert storm
For my niggaz always there
When i perform
And scream,what what
When i scream what what
Straight wildin
In superthug and they all be stuck
Have yall niggaz ready to fight
All ready to f***

[chorus] [repeat 4x]