Disco 'Metamorphosis' (1975) al que pertenece la canción 'I'M Going Down'

I'M Going Down

The Rolling Stones


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Hey babe, what more can you tell
The good lord ring your front door bell
Though our love go down, don't cry
Though I saw a man, yes I fell in the ground
Here we go down now,
here we go down
There's nothing but the powers that be
I know you fine ,
I know you're right, I know I
'Cos you're going down
Oh you're going down

Oh babe, what's your fairy tale
The good lord's gonna ring your front door bell...
Ah...Shake your face, lose your place
Shoot your mother in law, yeah
I think I saw her goin' down to
Paraiso Mexico

Here we go down now,
yeah, when you're down
There's just nothing but the powers that be
I know, oh my, I know you're right, I know
You're going down
You're going down
You're going down, huh huh, yes sir
Yes sir you're going down
All right it's war
Fight your love
Shoot your mother in law
You got a center floor
Lay your hips to the left
Keep you problems at your arm's length
Spit on the ground, never look around
Keep on movin'on up, to be pushed around,
Yeah everybody slow down


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