Payne's Gray

Letra de la canción

Misguided mortal you must
Seek your way through these mazes
Where all got lost.
Find release in yourself.
Won't you play to our rules
We shall prove you: dreams don't come true.

Flying in the early dawn
Pulled by powers so abhorrent.
No resistance ! You are drawn
by a mighty raging torrent.

Flying over barren landsode,
Cannot steer your winged horse,
Your intentions fade and slide
Into void against this force.

Flying to the Onyx castle
Where Gods are to be said.
into upper halls they hastle
You. - You, who lost all aid.

You must now alne stand trial:
Was in worth that you once did ?
wait until the facing dial
Tells verdicts beyond men's wit.

Ancient immortals, unworthy Gods.
A home forgotten beyond the stars.

Letra añadida por: Hector(Hip Hop) (#305)

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