21st Century Breakdown - Murder City

Murder City

Green Day


Murder City Letra

Murder City

But not hopeless
I feel so useless
In the murder city
But not helpless
The clock strickes midnight
In the murder city

I'm wide awake
After the riot
This demonstration
Of our anguish
This empty laughter
Has no reason
Like a bottle
Of your favorite poison

We are the last call
And we're so pathetic

Christian's crying
In the bathroom
And i just want to
Bum a cigarette
We've come so far,
we've been so wasted
It's written
All over our faces

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MURDER CITY es una canción de Green Day que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco 21st Century Breakdown. Agradecemos a rodrigo10 por haber sudido la letra de Murder City.