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when you get together,the blood runs though your vanes/quicker than ever ,you dont know what to say
you dont need this,neither doese any one else/you cant belive it,has your time come up yet?
the stuff that you call blood, you will never see again whose responsable,the man that you call god
wake up some where you dont know where you are
massive blood loss have you gone to far
when this comes around , everything goes blank /every thing is muted, no one says a god damn thing
every body is speechless, you can imagine it /devil stars falling ,craks from the ground
all around there is chaos,all their minds are fuc*** gone/how do i know this,just take a wild shot
Whats the matter are you dead
whats the matter are you fed
up with this shit so come on down
are you afraid that you will drown


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