Hikaru Utada

Letra de la canción

[-Intro-] Hikaru Utada
Mmm, Oooh, Oh
[-Verse 1-] Foxy Brown
Yeah, Uh, Yeah
Why'all know why'all see us in the Benz or that Rover
Fresh pair of And 1's, Luis? Pull over
Whole city locked, Just like I always told you (uh-huh)
If it ain't Boogie, Believe me, She a rookie
You know how Fox drop it
Dig up in they pockets
Pussy get lost, Treat that nigga like a jump-off
The act shady, This nigga must be crazy
My girls sell units like Michael in the 80's (ugh)

[-Chorus-] Hikaru Utada
What am I supposed to do, I don't want to be your referee but,
Anytime tonight i'm gonna, Blow my whistle soon
Hold me 'til to the break of dawn 'til it's time to be your referee but,
Later on tonight I'll let you, Blow my whistle too

[-Verse 2-] Hikaru Utada
Cast your vote on me, Say that's it for me, Just place your bets on me,
Stop gettin' high off of jealousy, Whether you are a dear or not
I'm comin' with all that I got ( I got), Then while you decide
We are undefined
My instincts says its hard to keep you free (I want to keep you free)
And my mother says men besides stability (Oh, is it true?)
My instincts says its hard to keep you free
But I told you this life exclusively (oh)

[-Repeat Chorus-]
[-Verse 3-] Hikaru Utada
Scared to show or tell, Keep what you just felt, The secrets to yourself,
I gettin' tired of mistreatment, Even though I say they do not
The games you play hurt me a lot (alot)
When there's none to play, Will you go or stay?
My instincts says its hard to keep you free
When my mother says men will leave eventually (is it true?)
Nothing lives forever, I agree
But I wouldn't mind the possibility (Oh)

[-Repeat Chorus-]
[-Verse 4-] Foxy Brown
Live from BK, Dippin' on the freeway (uh-huh)
Visor twisted back with a couple wild cats (Oww!)
Bunch of loose goons, Keep the muzzle on 'em
We all 7-tre, who the fuck wan' what? (Iyye!)
I numbs 'em like cocaine raw, Starvin' like you part of the V-8 this fall
Homes, In many places, but I'm Brooklyn's own
Bet I, keeps it poppin', keeps they shoulders lockin'
Lahdy-Dahdy in the party, nigga,
Up ya Yen, Fuck you lockin' for a pen? I just came to bone
Reputation ill, Stay on chrome, I'm like E.T, beyotch
No phone home
Gavin always told me, Boogie,
Watch ya paper, Keep it low, Bubble slow, Niggas, catch the vapors
Fox in Calhoun in the Cadillac blue
Too live, Shawn ain't got no ma's, Beyotch!

[-Repeat Chorus until fade-]

Hikaru Utada
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