'Dolly Rocker' de Syd Barrett (Opel)

Dolly Rocker

Syd Barrett


(Dolly Rocker... It's called Dolly Rocker... It's an old make
of dress...
Well, months old, you know.. that sort of thing)

I know a sweet girl
she done went out and paid for me
done a sweet girl
after five we went for tea
She seen a Dolly Rocker
She wan' a girl, she got her
I wanna see her, I know I do
I love you darling, all for you.

You wan' a meet Pearl?
she's as cute as a squirrel's nut.
She done seen me
said she thought she got the lot.
She's a Dolly Rocker
wan' a wait 'till I got her
said she knew I know we know I do
said she gotta see me lonely with you.

Oceans may travel, away so long
senses in the gravel, to see yourself at home
nice to be at home
all I'll ever be forever
all my life, you see, when you got her
all I know, you know, I show you, baby
through your head push to you, baby
It's a Dolly Rocker.
She know what she got her
She seen a Dolly Rocker
She seen a Dolly Rocker