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Sending bloody kisses straight to my lips
Death never tasted so good, why would it now?
Lips locked with my murderer, inhaling the pain
Why do I want to me driven insane, knifes cutting me up on the
inside and out
Your own personal assassin
You paid for your own destruction
The accomplice of your death
So let's put a fake smile on
To hide the frowns, wipe away the tears
Wipe away the blood we've been coughing up
Make it seem like everything is ok
And when you're dead, everyone will know
So let yourself sink into remorse
And understand what you've been doing is wrong
Guilt can hit us all
Stop inhaling black
Life wasted on a lifeless feeling
Just stop before you find yourself
Committing suicide from your own stupid decisions
Find yourself truly happy
Abandon the killer
Invite life