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Kiss The Blade Goodbye - Letra

A Masterpiece Of Failure

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You stabbed me to death
But the happiness I receive
Of no longer waking up with you
Justifies your actions
but revenge is still in me
And the memories of your face
have scarred my eyes and left me blind
The consistency of the fight
Between me and my heart
Has driven me to strangle
Every word of truth out of you
Wrap my hands around your throat
Suffocate, suffocate
Now you're choking for air
I wield this sharpened heart torn from my chest
Punctuate, Punctuate
Now there's nothing left that I can fear
Except the pain that comes from pretty words
And I'll end this all
With the jagged pieces of my broken heart
I wanted nothing more than you to love me back
Instead you lead your missiles straight at me
In a head on heart attack
So I'll kiss this blade goodbye, let it meet your chest
Because I'm not pulling it back out of you
After I get back what you took that was mine