A Masterpiece Of Failure

Letra de la canción

We keep running back down this old torn down path.
Just cross out my heart
Leave it alone,
Erase it off your long list of targets
Can't you see that I just want you to get away from me?
I can't protect myself from you because I love you
But that's all about to change

The only place I want us to go is opposite directions
All I want is to never see your face again
If you must know, yes you really did mean everything to me
But now the only attention that you are going to get from me is when the guns in my hand and your in clear view.
You created all my bad memories.
This is the beginning of the end of you.

Preach your words, I'll shove my fist down your lying throat
Nothing you say matters
We'll all wind up dead in the end
So if I shove this conversation into your ear, would it stay locked up inside or gracefully slip out the other side?
Or is your mind too lost to ever comprehend that death is chasing you
And you're getting exhausted.
Raise your right hand and what's the point, you can't keep a commitment
Stick out your misleading tongue and I'll rip it out, your words always hurt me
You better brace yourself
It's too late
The bullets sunk in
The dagger has stabbed
The cyanide slipped in
I'm never talking to you again

The End

Letra añadida por: Hector(Hip Hop) (#305)

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