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Love is one thing I can't describe
It's hidden deep down, Drowned in disgust
For how many times it has been misunderstood
Used in false statements
Rehearsed to the tune of the eye's lust
Dancing with sex will only lead to your own downfall
Unless done with love
And we wonder why so many are stuck with a remorseful past

This is why I try my best not to loose the precious love I have
But for some reason I gave it all away
I threw it all away
But as the tears consumed my face
I almost forget me
And I searched for safety in someone else's
I realized it wasn't right
Not to be with the one I love
What I had meant forever
but I was fading away

Please take me back...
So we can do all those things we dreamt of
And replay the happy memories we have
Give me a second chance
So I can right my wrongs
I'll just stop breathing if you turn me down
But just know if you say no
I'll understand
its my fault