A Masterpiece Of Failure

Letra de la canción

As we're speaking hearts are breaking
Because hearts are ripped up everyday
From the letters that spell their lovers name
We all end up the same
Alone, feeling as if there is no reason to be alive
No care to see the rise of a new day, just withering away
We sit and watch the clock tick away
Until the day that I feel I can't go on any longer
Then I'll cry all day and scream myself through the night
So I won't sleep and the nightmares wont come
But now they are here in my wake
There's no reason for me to speak
When these words just spill out my insides
So, I'm going to go tell my hearts murderer something
That kills me again each and every day
I can't live without her, and no matter what anyone says
And no matter what else she puts me through
I'll be there when she's down
And I'll pick her back up
Even though this sounds so wrong
It is so right
Because I love her and nothing can change that
And love defeats all matters

Letra añadida por: Hector(Hip Hop) (#305)

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