A Masterpiece Of Failure

Your name is a thousand threads mending my heart
Your eyes give life to my tears of love for you as I sit alone at
night thinking of you
And holding my pillow so tight
I have never smiled so much
The path to your heart is the path to my home

Wrap your hands around my heart
You keep it beating and are the only one who can
Your love is the fuel that makes me wake and the reason that the knife on my floor looks so alone and forgotten that its not even there

I just want to wrap my arms around you with no restraint
To tell you I love you and hold your hand
Laugh at the smallest joke and kiss you with the slightest fear
You are my perfect pulse
Your love is the most precious thing

Fill this hole in my chest with your smile that could brighten any gloomy day
Let me be the beat in your chest
The breathe in your lungs
The gentle whisper in your ear
Your blanket at night
The cure to your greatest fear
We can be each other's everything
Please don't ever leave me, within you is everything my life needs
Without you'd I'd be just a delicate whisper in the wind

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Letra añadida por:
Hector(Hip Hop)

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