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Pirates Are Nothing Without Their Loot - Letra

A Masterpiece Of Failure

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I have no idea what I can give to save myself
I've filled my cup with regret and what you've done hurts me the most
You closed my throat and now I cant even drink my glass of mistakes empty.
Living up to expectations that you've failed yourself
My life, my goals, I have a dream
But to take my life, and to live off my pain, what kind of message
does that send me?
I don't even hate you, but I am never letting go
You shattered my heart
Take all I have, just don't take my love away
Crisis, its all I seem to cause
I never meant to say those words that can't be erased
It's so hard for me to resist these temptations of running so far away
Since when did you choose a disease over a cure?
A fair fate? Ending my life over a fight that was over
You bring it up again
Look at your own guilt, and now who's to blame?
Sacrifices have to be made
I'll make them all
Just please don't take my treasure away