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Sorry For Myself Lyrics

Nikki Cleary


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HeyI heard you weren't going out with us today
Nah I don't feel like it
Oh at least come to the mall
Tods gonna be there

I'm so glad it rained today
didn't want to get up anyway
I'm gonna watch a donna flick
Eat choclate till i'm sick
Don't call
don't come over
Don't try and make me love
I'm feeling sorry for myself
Stay away
this is my day
i'm loving it
i don't want nobodys help
i know what i need
don't feel sorry for me
i'm feeling sorry for myself

i'm not gonna leave this room
i might just cry all afternoon
its a lot of work to feel this bad
it feels so good to feel thishome

don't call dont come over don't try and make me love
i don't want to talk about it
i wanna be left alone
it's no big deal
its how i feel
I've said too much
and thats enough
i'm hanging up
dont call
don't come over
don't try to make me love
i've said too much and thats enough
i'm hanging up

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