There's nothing on my mind
So I can't tell you how I feel
I don't want you to leave me behind

I want you to know
That you still fill my heart
I'm not just wasting your time

I'm sorry I don't show it
I'm sorry you don't know
I can't understand all your pain
I'm sorry I don't say things
The way that you do
Our feelings are one in the same

Don't want you to feel
All the sadness and hurt
And all that you're feeling inside

So many things
Things that I can't explain
I can't even begin to try

I'm sorry I don't show it
I'm sorry you don't know
The way that you want me to be
I'm sorry I don't see things
As clearly as you
As long as you know this is me

I'm sorry it takes so long
As long as you know that I'm near
I'm sorry I don't talk about
The future cause it's just not clear

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