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Can't Hear You Call My Name

Street Bulldogs


Can't Hear You Call My Name Letra

I can't believe in my decisions
And I'll keep trying all the time.
Until I prove it to myself.
You'd better go your own way
And I'll go to the other side fighting with my tears.
I can't hear you call my name.
I was feeling lonely all the time.
Nowadays I'm not feeling guilty in my mind.
Someday maybe we'll meet again.
I hope to see you with the this same smile.
Then you'll probably understand
The big difference between you and me.
On different worlds with different minds.
That's why it was so hard to say goodbye.
Try to never look at me.
I can't see you cry.
It hurts deep inside.
I don't wanna see you again.
I don't wanna feel that pain.
It hurts deep inside

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