Creeping Eruption

Beyond Possession

Letra de la canción

Feeling so unsure as seconds turn to day
Tension created underneath
As time flashes away
Wrapped within myself
Skin tightens around my bones
I'm waiting for this pain to stop
It's a violent straining I've never known

As I lie awake
Listen for voices from my friends
I'm tortured by a silence
In my head I can't comprehend
Silence turns to pounding
Blood clots form in my brain
A creeping eruption building
Look into my eyes it reveals real pain

My inner pain will cause corrosion
To the wall
Your hatred is behind
There is going
To be intensity in my explosion
'Cause I'm tired
Of your constant grind

A creeping eruption building
The pressure is so intense
A creeping eruption building
I'm starting to overflow
A creeping eruption building
You can see it in my face
A creeping eruption building
Skin ripping inside, I explode

Persistent stretching
Breaks the seal I engulf
So much hidden hatred
As I tear out of myself
Creeping up on them
I explode inside their minds
Their minds create no more visions
I've expired its control

Letra añadida por: ©®øsby (léø..émø)MCR (#48)

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