La canción 'Give It Up' se estrenó en 2008. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco The Sketch Process

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She can't resist
Too blind to see
I know his girlfriend's all about me

Her words are like a heart attack
All night she'll be begging me to come back

She tried to break my heart
but when she's looking in my eyes she's torn apart
She can't deny it, can't get by it
It's so, so bad

So give it up, I guess it's overdue I'm over you
Give it up, even in your dreams I bet you think of me
You're so untrue, baby, I know you're nothing new
So give it up, because I'd never give it up to.

She won't admit, I can't confess
Make sure I'd never tell her I could care less
When she looks at you, you might think twice
Witness seduction in her eyes

She said to stay, but I'd run away so soon
I could see it coming from across the room
Now I know she's full of lies
I won't get caught with her tonight

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