Sh`ma Israel - Sarit Hadad

Sh`ma Israel en inglés

Sarit Hadad


Sh`ma Israel (en inglés)

When the heart cries only God hears
the pain rises out of the soul
a man falls down before he sinks down
with a little prayer (he) cuts the silence

Hear Israel my God, you're the omnipotent
you gave me my life, you gave me everything
in my eyes a tear, the heart cries quietly
and when the heart is quiet, the soul screams
Hear Israel my God, now I am alone
strengthen me my God; make it that I won't fear
the pain is big, and there's no where to run away
make it end, for no more strength is left within me

When the heart cries, time stands still
all of a sudden, the man sees his entire life
he doesn't want to go to the unknown
he cries to his God right before a big fall

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