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Can't help to be bogus mayyyynnnnn!
Comin' from the c h i
We hollarin' flict
Can't help to be bogus mayyyynnnnn!
Comin' from the c h i
We hollarin' flict
Verse 1:coldhard
I don't know 'bout y'all
Betta best be down for mine
Givin up that alcohol
Phatter game now he turned a little tricky
So it's comin' handy
What's your mind
I'm down with 4 down to smoke who provoke

Talkin' 'bout bankin' ho
Universal slankin' ho
Sip pelle con boom(????)
I'm wired up
Goddamnit got they side up
Wasn't down for they hood mayn
Throw your side up
Through original bogus'n
Where the souls lead
They have no business
Stayin high like a ???????
With power from no limit
Peep the town bitch
Cuz' we conflict
For infinity
Best to give it up
Or get your ass cut
Lord they send off buckwild
From the suburbs to the public housin'
This real no mouthin'
The middle mobs in thousands
Come and visit
Verse 2:wildstyle
Can't help it i'm bogus
Feel like fuckin' my worst up
With danger one in the chamber
Strangers in the skies
Never thought from within a nigga wanna hang ya
It's hard to hold my ground
I'm down for mine niggas around the way-a
In every hood they spray-a lay-a down straight fuc*** neighbors
I was born to go for mine
Once upon blayzin' hay up
I was gettin buckwild with an all up crowd
It shattered this time no break
A window shattered grabbed my matic it's havoc
No hesitator
Lay ya before i lay ya parlay ya
Wouldn't wanna be ya see ya later
Let'em come out these clowns are perpatrators
Because a nigga had to hate ya
Bend 'em up just like a stapler
My nature straight takin' humanity
You mad at me
You gonna get bucked aint givin a f*** whats up
What you gon' do
Can't help it to be bogus
Verse 3: coldhard
I tried to change my life from all this bullshit
This motherfuc*** comin' with they click
Tellin' me what they gon' do bitch
You aint gonna be spookin' me that time
You aint gonna puff my damn line
Niggas aint stupid and gon' do no shit and
Get the flict up outta mine
Cuz' y'all was kickin' ass
But you know we had to bring some
Motherfuck this fun
Got us doin' this gangbangin' shit
But they don't want none
We the average psychotic bangotic
Human hypnotic whatever you consider bitch
We 'bout it and got it
Roll 8 thick when we on the hard
4 niggas 4 down ass broads
Before niggas shit start
We piled his whole mob
Dropped is what he got
So i shot this gat popped
Mob, nigga, f***, i'll kill'em
Blast that cap peeler
Verse 4: wildstyle
Wanna see these ugly blows
Waitin on some shit to kick up
Goin' up on one of these bitches, niggas
Up'em triggas
If it aint my click you can die
No shame in my game
We deep to sell
Fuck the jail get'em up
B's up betta ease up
And a nigga thinkin' i be trippin' i be slippin'
Comin' atchya double with a big ol' pull pump
Since it aint no mo'
Toe to toe let'em know how avenue niggas gonna throw
Can't rest it you dead
1-2-3-4-5 on your head
Knockin' it down if a nigga could wheneva' a nigga could
Treat a nigga no good
Get rolled, fold, hang'em high
Nigga hit the floor break yo' self
Go loco on block, ha
Sell the dope that finna make your heart stop
Motherfuck that punk he should a had his strap
Ride off let'em fell that real funk
Don't sit come equip' let rip on the script
I down with click bang with the click
Hang with the flict
Can't f*** with this
Rushin', no touchin this
Straight bustin' shit


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