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featuring Magic

Look at the rear end on that thing now
What that is a Rolls Royce?
Na that's a Mercedes
La La look come here and lemme holla at you Mercedes
La La for real
I'm not looking for a girlfriend
I need a partner

You be my Bonnie and I'll be your Clyde
Side by side and watch the haters die
Baby we ment
I can tell you buy that shit you gangsta bitch
I start to thing that you were heaven sent
It's me and you


From the first day we met I could see the ghetto in your blood
But you ain't lookin' for love
You just lookin' for a thug
Let me explain my situo
See I ain't never had a job
But I keep some chips though
Like I'm connected with the mob
So is you called bein' Bonnie
Can you handle the position?
Jump on and buss them niggas like the heat in the mission
It's me and you against the fuckin' world till death do us part
You're the only bitch I'd kill for girl
I'd live a few niggas just to get to you
Live a few chickens just to get some loot
Everything you drive and a dress be brand new
Get out align and I might beat you like a nigga
I'm the one that you respect
I'm the reason you countin' figures
Hate my enemies for hatin' me
Tell em all
They ain't never crossed a thug like me
Mercedes can I trust you with my life?
When things ain't goin' right
When we argue, fuss and fight
Will you still be by my side?
When I'm smokin' gettin' high
Or when you be gettin' high
Will I fuck with you tonight?
Come on it's me and you


I'm your Bonnie
You're my Clyde
Together we will ride
And do a homocide
And if I have to prove my love to you
There ain't No Limit so you know it's true
My momma always said that you were wrong for me
But little did she know you kept it real for me
Even steal for me
You knew the deal wit me
And even if you had to, I know you'd kill for me
You know I'd die for you
I'd cry for you
I'd lie for you
And hit the trial 25 for you
A scarfise for you
And I'lls I really wanted was to be your wife boo
So just remember
I'm by your side


La la look
I think this might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship
Ya know what I'm sayin?
I could see you bout it
And that's just what I been waitin' on
A down ass bitch
Somebody gonna watch a nigga when he in a jam
Start bussin' at them motherfucking haters when they hatin' on me
Ya know what I'm sayin?
Watch a nigga's paper like I watch yours
And this shit could last forever
Lemmie tell you something
Every nigga need a down ass bitch on his side
You fell what I'm sayin?
And if you don't have that
Then you really don't have nothing
And I'm tryin' to make you that person
So is you bout it Mercedes?
Is you bout it?


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