Jon Lajoie

Letra de la canción

Oh my god did you hear about michael jackson?
Yeah i heard about michael jackson, its crazy right?
Yeah i can't believe it
All of a sudden the media is on his side
I know its crazy right?

Michael jackson is dead, don't pretend you give a shit
You mother xxxxxx hypocrites
remember what you said he did
Michael jackson is dead, no you never gave a shit
So why are you pretendin you mother
xxxxxx hypocrites

Michael jackson's such a freak, you'd hear it
a thousand times a week
On every xxxxxx tv screen and on every
xxxxxxx magazine
Yeah sure we liked him for a while, for a few
years when he was in style
Then someone said he's a pedophile and
xxxxxx boys is what makes him smile
Then there was a punchline everyday about
his skeletor-like face
And how he loved 12 year old balls, we didn't
care if it was true or false

So don't pretend that you give a f***
Keep talking about how he sucked 12 year old cock
And went from being a cute little black kid and
died as a white skeleton robot

Michael jackson is dead, don't pretend you give a shit...

Remember when he dangled his kid from a balcony,
I wasn't here when you called him legendary
And when we heard that xxxx about the caulken kid
We said oh my god jacko's mother xxxxxx sick
He likes xxxxxxx kids! he likes xxxxxxx kids!
Nobody was talkin bout his music
Now if i said he died choking on a kid's dick
You'd say "oh my god thats so offensive!"

Well xxxx you, you mother xxxxxxx xxxx xxx bitch
Everyone in the news you hit the mother xxxxxxx
On your high horse sayin i'm a demon
Cause i say you overdosed on a boy's semen

Michael jackson is dead, don't pretend you give a shit...

Oh we're so sad that michael passed away, we loved him so much
Really, really did you love him? cause from where i'm standing it kind of looked like you hated him
And that you called him a freak and that you wanted him to die
But now that hes dead you love him and he's a legend
Oh he's so amazing, oh we love michael jackson!
How bout you go xxxx yourself, you big bunch of xxxxxx hypocrites

Here's i'm gunna do this for you..
Billie jean was not his lover
Of course she wasn't, she had a vagina
And she was older than 12 years old
F*** you hypocrite!
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: ©®øsby (léø..émø)MCR (#58)

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