'Walk on Fire' de Dionysus (Sign of Truth)

Walk on Fire



I may be moving on without any sign
of what's below the surface
I may pretend that everything is in order
But it's just an illusion
I may just walk on by like nothing is wrong
I might say that it's all right
But I can never fool myself in this matter
Cause inside it's aching
I walk alone here in the center of my life
It felt so good to be all free
But I never wanted it to be forever

I could walk on fire
To hear you whisper that you want me in your life
I could walk on fire
Cause I surrender to feel the magic once again
I thought that I could be so strong on my own
Without obligations
But there's a hunger that I can't look away from
No matter
I never thought that I would ever feel the need
In the name of desperation
But I have learned that there is
nothing in this world that can
Be certainly for sure even if you
play by the rules all the way