The Gazette


Taihai shisou ukiyobanare no Grave
Discrimination against music
Gouhou no 13
The loser who was brainwashed


Commit suicide in with-it-ness
Right now…
In front of me!

You cannot understand my vulgar thought
It is a correct answer
It is your duty to train a slave waving a waist

Rotten buyer
Shame on you!
Commit suicide in with-it-ness
In front of me!

Rotten seller
Know yourself!
Commit suicide in with-it-ness
Before that…
Suck my dick

The industry has been already over
The red base
All the losers sing a hymn in hell
Enjoy a vulgar play

Saa warae tobiorirenu ruupu suushiki ni kuwareta kaku
Saa warae mada yareru n darou? 13 made ato sukoshi

Can't get back
A loser of the uncontrollability
Enjoy a vulgar play

Can't get back

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