Burden of a Day

Letra de la canción

‘Til we die
With a separation of life and limb
A rolling stone gathers no moss
Keep moving on from what we know went wrong
Time is precious
We don’t have long
Take full advantage
So we will live and won’t look back
To keep our dreams alive
And we will live and not retract
For what we feel will die
With strength of heart
We’ll push our passion on and on

Why do we cry such bitter tears for life that is no longer ours
With dirty faces and mud-caked shoes
We dance to be different but we are all the same
Take us to a place where envy ceases to be green
and the color red covers all our sins and blacks out our eyes

With no regrets
Live today with no regrets
With a song in our hearts and breath in our lungs
Our eyes burn with vision
Ashes to ashes
We all fall down

Letra añadida por: van182 (#154)

Burden of a Day
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