Arma Blanca

Hello pretty girl I tell you I love you
I do not deliver flowers words you align a bouquet
Thanks for teaching me that life exists
On the good side of this thing so sad
Since I got lit up with your friendship
With this power you have of sincerity
And your feigned sincerity about the time
And your smile will become my best friend
Remember? All these games secrets
Knew this heart completely obsolete
I remember your heart angelic disclosed
In my mind your words are my musical life
Sométeme your most intense hatred that I feel like I love you
And the more ago that I think about each
The subject is so extensive
And I ask an apology but is that in this soul like you're intruding
You change your smile by sincere tears
Give a small albeit only
You love hurt and forgive you and adore you insist
But it is you Cashewnut was love at first sight
I do not know how to fly with broken wings
Raindrops remind me that I do foam
And look at the bubbles
Admire the way you captivated

Let me dream as if nothing happened
Let me get lost in the heat of your gaze
Let me think that I am the best for you
These eyes alone help to laugh when you look
Let me touch your hand for a second
I immerse myself deeper into your dream
I want to become the worst of your life
I would love to tell my friend and never more

I feel like a child in your hands
Habitually kiss, love
Do not say that the fine words are in vain
I do that you win if you're not by my side
You are an angel with its light has illuminated my path
My soul is not calm
Since you left the days are so sad
And the colors are so gray
Already there are almost no touch is detected skin
My lips to yours will remain faithful
At this level of love that he did not believe or achieve
Only heaven and I know one can touch it with your hands
I admit sometimes wary
But my eyes when I watched your face betrayed
With the fights are not won or anything like that
My heart is open awaiting your return

Arma Blanca

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