Broken Toy Airplanes

Letra de la canción

I hate the sound of silence
i hate the fact that im convinced
i dont believe in your heart
when you left i fell apart

and i left the door open
so if you want you can come in
and i wont be here much longer
’cause i cant fight off my monsters

i hope when you hear this you decide
that i am always on your mind
you make mistakes but they heal in time
the scab flakes and skin cells intertwine

dont treat me like a kid
i know exactly what i did
oh i regret it
and i admit it
but you still wont show me any love.

eyes follow me out the door
and somethings i just cant ignore
i dont believe in your lies
when we left i saw them cry

i need to slow and catch my breath
with lonely nights i get no rest
the pills are supposed to make me feel
like i am human, like i am real

Letra añadida por: cannibalmurder

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