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[Lil' Flip]
Yea, this track right here making them bounce - why'know
Jump in the chevy and bounce
Yea, uh, play ya skillz on the track

[Chorus 2X: Lil' Flip]
Now bounce for yo click nigga! (bounce)
bounce for yo hood and throw it up
throw it up, throw it up!!(where you from)

Now bounce for yo town nigga! (bounce)
it's goin down, throw it up
throw it up, throw it up!!(where you from)

[Lil' Flip]
Now where you from?
Homey I'm from the southside (southside)
and when I pull up it the maybach and leave your mouthwide (mouthwide)
you better get your mind correct like the color changing clique
before I correct your mind and fuck around and bang your chick (nigga)
One time for all my ladies, 2 times for all my thugs
if you wearin a fake jacob you know you a scrub
you gotta step it up, I got a special cup
I get my shine on
but no these ain't no rimestones
I got my clothing line
I got my liquor coming
and if you on a verse each part 1500
nigga you do the math
I never use a cab
I'm from the dirrty, I rock custom jerseys


[Lil' Flip]
I pack a k nigga (k nigga)
I blow that haze nigga (haze nigga)
I'll be at frisco fuckin with them bay niggaz
them niggaz bump screw, and they will jump you
they pick me up from the airport with them pumps foo
and we ready nigga so bring it on ho
I be at Harlem nights but don't step on my big toe
One time for all my gangstas, 2 times for all my wankstas
I made a lot of y'all careers and and y'all ain't tell me thank ya
but I'm a grown man, I hold my own man
not from ATL but I'm killin Mikes like Killer Mike
half the time I don't write
I just grab an ounce
tell play to fresh record
and watch these niggaz bounce


[Lil' Flip]
I'm on luda shit, screwed up, track 8
plus I did rock n' roll with Fam Lay
In VA, Norfolk to be exact
I did a track with Swiss Beats, yea I got that crack
My niggaz got my back
yo niggaz quick to run
and leave you there lookin dumb (now that's gangsta)
One time for all my pimps, 2 times for all my hoes
I went from gold, white to plat
back to rosegold


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