Storm on the abyss

Letra de la canción

Featuring: Nehushtan

So silent the moon glides
through this windless night,
radiating its lunar glow
into vast southern horizon.

Agony is here echoing across
forests and frosty meadows,
and a ghostly mist
slowly rises from the warm pond.

The foul stench of death
saturates deep into autumn air,
as the wails of the fallen
cry out from darkness beyond.
The stars glisten far above
the crawling and the bleeding,
cascading like rivers of silver
poring onto the blackened void.

their thirst is great as they
slither in to drink the water.
Up far into the trees above,
patiently awaits winged shadows.

A few gaze into the murky
depths as the light slowly fades,
while others peer far into
the vistas of infinity and wonder.

Into the northern sky they gaze
upon this shimmering crown,
as the fall mist slowly drifts
over their broken dying bodies.

Letra añadida por: ©®øsby (léø..émø)MCR (#50)

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