Lady Gee

Letra de la canción

I know you want to show me, you really really love
You tell me that you get I know all you only one
Sex I ready all I know I came into suppose
I can tell you roared, you are fool and fast to see
You like the way I move my little sexy bum I’ll see ya ass
I’ve looked your lips so let it kiss my bum
You’re comin’ every day and stand up side my dog
You say you want to tell you until ya hast, hast, hasten fun

I have a thing to say that we can do all day just take me body
Ahead and listen to what I have to say,
I won’t play that game you talk about all the way
You’ll put it on this way and push, push, all way

Push, baby(many times)

Now about the game is over, You tell me what’s your name???
They call me Lady gee and really whispers really meant to be
You’ll see ya….. now you’ll really read my hand
We can do any where and we can do it everyday


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