Liz Alcantar

Letra de la canción

I’m witting this today
Cause if you leave someday
I want you to know
That you won’t really leave
Cause you’ll always be

There’s a place in my heart
Where you know that you belong forever
And it will always be there
Cause you’ll never be

A thousand miles farther
From my Heart
Never there
You know it
And you will never go
Because I don’t want to
Because I need you by my side
To show me the way

I’m feeling ok
Cause I know there’s nothing that can tear us apart
So you’ll always be there
But you’ll never be


Ever since I met you
I knew this was meant to last forever
Things can happen but one that never will is
You being far away


Can you show me the way?

Letra añadida por: MLAQ

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