Canción 'Twist The Cross' del disco 'Feasting on Blood' interpretada por Severe Torture

Twist The Cross Letra

Severe Torture

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TWIST THE CROSS es una canción de Severe Torture del año 2009, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Feasting on Blood.

Letra 'Twist The Cross'

Once more you'll burn
Enslaved to the fire
Remaining in ashes
All what is left of you

Burn, son of god;
Which you are not
Suffer the pain
In blood you will reign

Angels broken, god unspoken
christ suffering, Lucifer's Realm

Hiding the truth of what's inside
Never free, must commit suicide

Hunt him, let him feel
Burning pain he has revealed
Into the fire a sense of demise
Twist the cross, let him choke in his lies

Twist the cross, let him choke in his lies

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