Canción 'Brad Logan' del disco 'Chef Aid: The South Park Album' interpretada por Rancid

Brad Logan Letra y Canción


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BRAD LOGAN es una canción de Rancid que se estrenó el , este tema está incluido dentro del disco Chef Aid: The South Park Album.


'Brad Logan'

California sun has sunk
Behind the Anaheim Hills, here comes the night
I was high on junk
And the warm winds of Santa Anna feel all right

Will every crimmin' hood make a bargain with the world
Seats are successive when you're shot to the curb
I spend my day in blindness, at night I get my vision
Dodgy, cause there are no one indecision

'Cause it's wild, When it's Wild wild wild wild
(California sun has sunk...)
I get destructive outside obedience
I am no longer respected in this new transition
I put into effect, my long time standard
Disastrous living, disastrous living!

(Cause it's wild...)
(California sun has sunk...)
(Cause it's wild...)
(California sun has sunk...)
(California sun has sunk...)