Judas Iscariot

Letra de la canción

I see the darkest place, through the dark
I saw the flame, flames of the fire
and they are surreal

gaze down upon the creation
take my existence away
from the hills and valleys
from the fields
from the land that god fell down
then it all fell down
then in my scream
then the last fell down
then the feeble screams

and time returns again
and my place to dwell
lord of infinite power
line my ancient walls
from my ancient woe
from my hatred seed

picture the call of evil
and my heart is cold

and my soul insists
to call upon the lord
I drown my ancient foes
and all my soul this is
the forgiveness of sin
my dark dungeons of hell
know that I'm sick
and what my death will plan

a dark dungeon of hell!

Letra añadida por: Black-Metal (#12.668)

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