Where Shadows Lie del álbum 'Where Shadows Lie'

Where Shadows Lie

Bella Morte

La canción 'Where Shadows Lie' se estrenó en 1999. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Where Shadows Lie

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In the gloom of dead night
Whispers reach your ears
Claws scrape closet doors
And teeth eclipse nightmares
There's a fear that burns inside
When waking dreams have gone
Spiders crawl along your spine
And shadows grasp your arms
What's not there is in the mirror
Cobwebbed fears becoming clearer
Fading fast you never see them
Ever coming without reason
Where shadows lie

Lurking fear lingers long
Though stricken match obeyed
There's a dripping darkness
That lingers 'til the day
For dark beasts are watching you
When you turn out the lights
Watch your back young children
Pray you rest safe through the night

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